Guam Transportation Improvement Plan

The Government of Guam Department of Public Works (DPW) developed the Transportation Improvement Plan (GTIP) for federal fiscal years 2024-2027. The GTIP was prepared in accordance with the requirements of Section 11126 of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Act (P.L.No. 117-58), in order to provide a list of transportation improvement projects for implementation. This GTIP provides a near-term improvement plan that is financially feasible, fiscally constrained, and reflects the highway projects that the DPW prioritizes for the expenditure of federal funds for the noted fiscal period.

This GTIP is adjunct to the 2030 Guam Transportation Plan (GTP), Guam's long range (20+ year) multi modal transportation strategy and follows previous GTIP documents. The 2030 GTP was finalized December 2008 and presented a long-term strategy to improve transportation throughout Guam. The plan forecasted traffic growth through the year 2030 and included impacts associated with the potential U.S. Department of Defense (USDOD) build-up as it was understood at the time the 2030 GTP was produced. Since then, the military buildup planned for Guam has been reduced. To capture this change in traffic forecast and to document an analysis of traffic safety on Guam, the 2019 Traffic Safety and Operation Study (TSOS) was developed. The TSOS supplements the 2030 GTP.

Projects in the GTIP were developed through a comprehensive transportation planning process and based on data collected through the Pavement Management System, results from the Bridge Inspection Reports, needs identified in the 2030 Guam Transportation Plan, and commitments from prior GTIP documents. The list of projects is a product of a consensus building process with decision-making supported by data driven analysis that was carried out by the DPW in cooperation with local villages, utility providers, the local government agencies, and Federal government agencies.

Projects contained in the GTIP FY2024-2027 were selected to address safety issues, including issues from flooding on Guam’s roadway system, pavement, and bridge conditions, and provide traffic operational improvements. Funding for Guam transportation projects will come from several sources, but largely from the Federal Territorial Highway Program (THP) and with commitment to seek and apply for federal grant funding as released from the BIL Act and other US government agencies.

A summary of the funds anticipated to be available to DPW for transportation projects over the four-year life of the GTIP is as follows:

Fiscal Year Funding Source Amount
Territorial Highway Program $25,005,000
GARVEE $35,000,000
Defense Access Road $280,875,000
Section 1934 $705,326
Grant Programs $83,390,000
Territorial Highway Program $17,577,000
Grant Programs $57,545,000
Territorial Highway Program $17,917,000
Grant Programs $91,895,000
Territorial Highway Program $18,045,000
Grant Programs $61,401,000

The link to the GTIP FY2024-FY2027 may be found below.

The Government of Guam will seek a Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicles (GARVEE) bond in the amount of $35,000,000.

The funds available to the Government of Guam, over the four-year life of the GTIP, is planned to be utilized in the following manner:

Funding Source Amount
Territorial Highway Program Projects and Services $81,030,000
Section 1934 $705,326
Defense Access Road $280,875,000
Grant Programs $294,231
GARVEE $35,000,000

Guam Transportation Improvement Program (GTIP) for Fiscal Years 2024-2027

Guam Transportation Improvement Program (GTIP) for Fiscal Years 2020-2023

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