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Route 4 Replacement of Ylig Bridge (Phase 2) Ylig Memorial Project No. GU-NH-0004(104)

Ongoing Projects

  • Locally Funded
  • Federally Funded
  • Islandwide Village Streets Pavement Resurfacing, Round 4 (IDIQ)

    • Project Start: April 2021
    • Scope: Pavement Resurfacing
    • Cost: $26M
    • Contractor: Hawaiian Rock Products
    • Est. Progress: 82.39% Complete
  • Islandwide Safety Improvements on Primary Roads (Striping and Marking) - Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

    • Project Start: February 2022
    • Scope: Striping and Marking
    • Cost: $298,458.50
    • Contractor: Highway Safety Services
    • Est. Progress: 99% Complete
  • Islandwide Guardrail Repair and Replacement (IDIQ)

    • Project Start: November 2022
    • Scope: Guardrail Repairs
    • Cost: $330,255.00
    • Contractor: Highway Safety Services
    • Est. Progress: 0% Complete

Office of the Governor of Guam

Lou Leon Guerrero
Lou Leon Guerrero Governor
Josh Tenorio
Josh Tenorio Lt. Governor
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Meet our Leaders

Vincent P. Arriola
Vincent P. Arriola Director
Linda J. Ibanez
Linda J. Ibanez Deputy Director
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About Guam Transportation Program

The Guam Department of Public Works is pleased to provide you with your connection to Guam’s routed roadways from Andersen to Umatac and everywhere in between. With support from the Federal Highway Administration, this website has been developed to:

  • Provide the public with information on the Guam Transportation program and the 2030 Guam Transportation Plan;
  • Provide regular updates on roadway improvement projects designed to make our roads safer and easier to navigate;
  • Provide interested contractors, designers and vendors with information on upcoming solicitations and pending projects; and,
  • Provide the public with an opportunity to provide comments, suggestions or ask questions about our roadways and surface transportation issues on our island.

We encourage you to visit this site often and to register for our email updates to keep you informed on our progress as we pave the way forward for our island!