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August 2022

Date Event
Aug 2

Pre-Proposal Conference - GU-THS-014B(004)

The Pre-Proposal Conference will be held by DPW via teleconference call and in-person at the 2nd Floor, Division of Highway Building, Room 201, Department of Public Works. The call in number is outlined in the RFP Section IX. General Requirements - 2. Pre-Proposal Teleconference. Items discussed during the pre-proposal teleconference will be made part of the contract documents. The pre-proposal conference agenda is available for download at guamtransportationprogram.com/contract-opportunities/request-for-proposal.
Aug 5

Route 14 Resurfacing Groundbreaking

The DPW will be holding a groundbreaking ceremony for the Route 14 (Chalan San Antonio) Resurfacing from Route 1 to Route 14B project at Archbishop Felixberto Flores Memorial Circle on August 5, 2022 at 11:00AM

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