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The United States 3rd Marine Corps Expeditionary forces Air Combat Element, Command element, Ground Combat Element, and Command Service Element will relocate from Okinawa, Japan to Guam with a projected schedule of completing the relocation by 2015. Additionally, the US Army Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Task Force is also being located to the Guam. The build-up includes accommodating additional logistics capabilities for military training and operations, and improving pier/waterfront infrastructure for transient U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier berthing at Naval Base Guam.

The concept of a "Haul Road Network" grew from identifying the routes most likely to be used by the military connecting known origins and destinations. In this fashion, routes used by the military would be pre-determined, impacts localized to those roadways, restricting the haul road related improvements to the identified network. The Haul Road Network, when fully improved, will have the traffic capacity and structural integrity to withstand the movement of military and civilian traffic as well as cargo truck traffic during the build-up period.

The key component of the HRN is a strengthened bypass on the Route 8/Route 16 corridor on the easterly side of the Guam International Air Terminal. This by-pass route would provide a good alternative for moving cargo across the island rather than the normally congested Route 1 corridor through Tamuning. The primary truck route between the Port of Guam, NCTS Finegayan and Anderson Air Force Base would consist of Route 1 from the Port to Route 8, Route 8 to Route 16, Route 16 to Route 27, Route 27 back to Route 1, Route 1 to Route 3 and Route 3 to Finegayan. Other major truck routes include Route 3 north of NCTS Finegayan and Route 9 which provide access to Northwest Field and Andersen Air Force Base. Another key connection is along Route 15 and Chalan Lujuna which will connect the Rock Quarry to the military construction sites.

Based on detailed analyses of the existing roads and projections of future needs as discussed above, required improvements were identified and generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Pavement strengthening
  • Roadway widening
  • Intersection improvements
  • Bridge replacements

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