Training and Local Participation

As part of the long-term vision of the Island-wide Program Management Services contract, there has been a continuing effort to provide training and support to the DPW Division of Highways technical personnel. This includes training in federal contract compliance and requirements, construction management and construction inspection procedures and reporting, and a host of other trainings designed to improve overall skill sets within the Highways Division. The Program Management Team has also provided on-going training to local contractors and consultants on contract compliance, wage reporting, invoicing and other pertinent areas all designed to maximize local participation in the overall program.

Although the work continues in attempting to upgrade its capacity internally, the Department of Public Works has historically been challenged in attracting and maintaining proficient and motivated technical staff. This has been further exacerbated by budgetary constraints over the past years and competition from private firms relative to wages and benefits. To this end, the FHWA has worked diligently to provide technical training to the current Division of Highways staff with somewhat limited results. This will create even more challenges for the DPW as the levels of effort increase exponentially with the pending military buildup and increased federal-aid projects.

The DPW presently manages all solicitations to include bidder selections in accordance with local procurement regulations and requirements. Until recently, the DPW also performed all contract and construction management internally for the GTP road projects. Earlier this year DPW solicited 15 local engineering consultancy firms to provide construction management support services. The first four firms have been engaged for Route 25 (Alegeta Street), Route 17, Route 2 Culverts and Slide Repair and Route 16 GMF with more notices to proceed to follow. The following listing represents all local consultants, specialists and contractors that have been engaged on the Guam Transportation Program to date:


  • Design Land
  • Duenas Camacho and Associates
  • EMCE Consulting Engineers
  • EM Chen and Associates
  • EMPSCO Engineering Consultants
  • Lizama and Associates
  • MoffattNichol
  • N.C. Macario & Associates
  • SSFM International
  • Serisola and Associates
  • TG Engineers
  • Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers


  • Bejjess Enterprises, Inc.
  • Black Construction
  • BME & Son's Inc.
  • Chi Construction Company
  • Core Tech
  • Guam Construction Co.
  • Hawaiian Rock
  • Highway Safety Services
  • Hubtec International Corporation
  • International Bridge Corp.
  • Kinden Corporation
  • Maeda Pacific Corp.
  • Nippo Construction
  • Orion Construction Grp.
  • Rex International
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co.

Construction Management Services

  • AM Orient Engineering
  • Belanger & Associates, Inc.
  • Design Land
  • Duenas Camacho & Assoc.
  • E & A Engineers
  • M. Chen & Associates, Inc.
  • EMPSCO Engineering Consultants
  • HNTB Corporation
  • J.C. Tenorio Engineers
  • Masoud & Company
  • N.C. Macario & Associates
  • SSFM International, Inc.
  • T.G. Engineers, PC
  • W.B. Flores & Associates

Support Services

  • ARC Environmental Services
  • Barry Smith, Biologist
  • EMCE Inc. Consulting Engineers
  • Engineering Partners, Inc.
  • Galaide Group
  • Generalismo A. Villaflores
  • Geo Engineering and Testing, Inc.
  • Mako Diving and Salvage
  • Next Generation Integrators
  • Otte Consulting
  • Pacific Soils
  • Prudencio Balagtas and Assoc.
  • V.P. Olivares Surveying, LLC
  • Wixon and Associates, Inc.

Quality Assurance Testing


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