Professional Construction Management Services GU-THS-PCMS(003)

New Multi-Purpose Recreation and Emergency Center


Route 14B (Ypao Road) Reconstruction and Widening (Route 14 to Carmen Memorial Drive) Phase 1 Cliffside


Route 5 and Portion of Route 12, Reconstruction and Widening (Route 2A to Naval Magazine/Route 12)


Route 1 Resurfacing From Route 30 to Route 10A


Route 28 Rehabilitation From 1 to Bumuchachu Street

  • DueƱas, Camacho and Associates, Inc.
  • Stanley Consultants, Inc.
  • EMPSCO Engineering Consultants
  • NC Macario & Associates Inc.
  • TG Engineers, PC

Professional Engineering Services for Route 1 Reconstruction of Multiple Bridges (Hagatna to Piti) GU-DAR-0001(131)

  • GHD Inc.

Professional Engineering Services for Under Pavement Infrastructure Retrofit GU-DAR-1000(113)

  • GHD Inc.

Professional Services for Islandwide Bridge Inspection Services GU-THS-IBIS(002)

  • SSFM International, Inc.

Islandwide Professional Land Surveying Services GU-THS-PLSS(002)

  • Guam Surveyor LLC

Technical Support Services for Islandwide Archeological GU-THS-PSAS(003)

  • IARII, Inc.

Technical Support Services Islandwide Archaeological GU-THS-PSAS (003)

  • International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc.

Islandwide Roadway and Bridge Design Services GU-THS-RBDS (003)

Ajayan Bridge

Pago and Leo Palace Bridge

Fonte, Merizo and Maina Culverts

  • GHD, Inc.
  • EMPSCO Engineering Consultants
  • SSFM International, Inc.

Professional Design Support Services on Route 14B (Ypao Road) Reconstruction And Widening GU-NH-014B(001)

  • E. M. Chen & Associates, Inc.

Islandwide Environmental Support Services GU-NH-IESS(001)

  • EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC (EA)

Route 3 Widening from Route 28 to Chalan Kareta GU-DAR-0003(105)

  • Stanley Consultants, Inc.

Islandwide Bridge Inspection Services GU-NH-IBIS(001)

  • TG Engineers

Appraisal and Appraisal Review Services Islandwide Consultant Services GU-NH-AARS(002)

  • Captain & Associates
  • Cornerstone Valuation Guam, Inc.
  • Compass Real Estate Consulting, Inc.

Islandwide Program Management Services GU-NH-IPMS(003)

  • Stanley Consultants, Inc.
  • SSFM International, Inc.
  • AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
  • TG Engineers, PC

Technical Support Services Islandwide Professional Land Surveying Services GU-NH-PLSS(001)

  • Prudencio R. Balagtas and Associates, Inc.
  • Duenas, Camacho and Associates, Inc.
  • TG Engineers, PC

Appraisal and/or Appraisal Review Services Islandwide Consultant Services GU-NH-AARS(003)

  • Cornerstone Valuation Guam, Inc.
  • Micronesian Appraisal Associates, Inc

Technical Support Services Islandwide Right-of-Way Acquisition and Relocation GU-NH-OARS(002)

  • Pacific Rim Management, Inc.
  • Diamond Realty LLC dba RE/MAX Diamond Realty
  • TG Engineers, PC



Route 1 Resurfacing From Route 30 to Route 10A Project No. GU-THS-0001(133)


Atantano Bridge (Temporary Repairs 2019) GU-THS-0001(132)

  • Korando Corporation

Route 1/Route 3 Intersection Improvements GU-DAR-0001(125)

  • Maeda Pacific Corporation

Route 1 Pedestrian Crossing at Chamorro Village

  • Maeda Pacific

Route 17 Rehabilitation and Widening Phase 2A GU-NH-0017(107)

  • Nippo USA, Inc.

Route 1 Over Asan and Aguada Rivers Bridge Rehabilitation GU-NH-0001(126)

  • Maeda Pacific Corporation

Route 4, Agfayan Bridge Replacement GQ-ER-0004(113)

  • Black Construction Corporation

Jinapsan Beach Road GU-TI-003A(002)

  • Maeda Pacific Corporation

Route 1 Resurfacing (Yigo - Asan-Piti) GU-NH-0001(127)

  • Nippo USA, Inc.