Ongoing Projects

October 2020

1 Village Road Pavement Restoration (Maintenance)

Project Start: December 2017 Scope: Pavement Restoration Cost: Base Prep = TBD Paving = TBD Striping = $494,385.30 Contractor: DPW and Hawaiian Rock Products Est. Progress: 5% Complete

2 Dededo Coral Pit Chain Link Fence Installation,
Phase 1A and 1B

Project Start: Scope: Chain Link Fence Installation Cost: $153,219 Contractor: MS BUILDERS dbaFencemasters, Inc Est. Progress: 85% Complete

3 Islandwide Pavement Resurfacing, Round 3

Project Start: April 2018 Scope: Pavement Resurfacing Cost: $2.1M Contractor:Hawaiian Rock Products Est. Progress: 50% Complete

4 Atantano Bridge Retrofit

Project Start: Pending Building Permit Scope: Temporary repairs Cost: $376,800 Contractor: Korando Corp. Est. Progress: 0% Complete


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