Traffic Updates

Traffic Advisory for the Week of November 28 - December 4

November 25, 2022

Road Safety Reminder for the Week

Know What Is Behind You
It is very important to check behind you before you:

  • Change lanes, Look over your shoulder to make sure you are not getting in the way of vehicles in the lane you want to enter.
  • Reduce your speed. Take a quick look in your mirrors. Also, check your mirrors when preparing to turn into a side road or driveway, and when stopping to pull into a parking space.
  • Drive down a long or steep hill. Watch for large vehicles because they can gather speed very quickly.
  • Back up. Backing up is always dangerous because it is hard to see behind your vehicle. When you are backing out of a parking space:
    • Check in front and behind the vehicle before you get in.
    • Know where your kids are. Make sure they are away from your vehicle and in full view before moving your vehicle.
    • If other children are nearby, make sure you can see them before backing up.
    • Do not depend only on your mirrors or only looking out a side window.
    • Turn and look over your right and left shoulders before you begin backing. As a safety measure, look over your right and left shoulders again while backing.
    • Back slowly to avoid collisions.

Check traffic behind you often to know if you are being tailgated (another driver is following too closely). If you are being tailgated, be careful! Brake slowly before stopping. Tap your brakes lightly a few times to warn the tailgater you are slowing down. “Lose” the tailgater as soon as you can. Change lanes and allow the tailgater to pass you, or slow down to allow enough space between you and the car in front of you. If this does not work, pull off the road when it is safe and let the tailgater pass.

According to Guam’s Traffic Violation Bureau’s (TVB) Traffic Fine Schedule

GCA (Guam Code Annotated) Code Description Eff. 01/01/14
3314 Improper Lane Usage (Land Straddling) $80.00
3319 Failure to Be Overtaken $80.00
3320 Following Too Close (Tailgating) $80.00
3323 Unsafe Starting or Backing $80.00



Guam Construction Update

Motorists are advised to drive cautiously through the construction zones, observe all posted speed limit and construction signs, and carefully heed flaggers (when present). Alternate routes and/or adjusting drive times when feasible are encouraged.

Route 28 Rehabilitation from Route 1 to Bumuchachu Street – Dededo

On Monday, 11/28/22 – Friday, 12/2/22 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, motorists are advised that there will be lane shifts and intermittent lane closures along Route 28 from Buena Vesta Avenue to Bumuchachu Street.

On Saturday, 12/3/22 – Sunday 12/4/22 from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, motorists are advised that there will be lane shifts and intermittent lane closures along Route 28 from Buena Vesta Avenue to Bumuchachu Street.

Route 5 and Portion of Route 12, Reconstruction and Widening (Route 2A to Naval Magazine/Route 12) – Santa Rita

Construction activities will continue along Route 5 from Route 2A to Juan C. Lizama Street with intermittent lane closures. Motorists are advised to slow down while driving through this area.

Route 14B (Ypao Road) Reconstruction and Widening (Route 14 to Carmen Memorial Dr.), Phase 1 Cliffside – Tamuning

Beginning October 2022 to May 2023, there will be full road closure between Congressman Palting Loop and Pale San Vitores Road. Motorists will have to take alternate routes.

Islandwide Village Street Pavement Resurfacing – Yigo

The DPW contractor will continue milling and paving in Yigo at the following locations, weather permitting:

  • Tun Luis Takano
  • Chalan Bada
  • Tun Ignacio Chana/David Flores Court

Work will occur between the hours of 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. There will be intermittent lane closures. While the exact dates work will occur have yet to be determined, we encourage residents in the area to exercise caution.