Traffic Updates

Traffic Advisory for the Week of April 19-25

April 16, 2021

Road Safety Reminder for the Week

Your speed should always be lowered for night-time driving. You are not as alert after a long day, nor do you see so well. The steady hum of the motor tends to lull you to sleep. But wide-awake driving is really needed at night when your driving view is limited by darkness. Experts agree on the following rules for safer night-time driving.

  • Headlights must be used whenever a motor vehicle is being operated on a highway or adjacent should from 1 hour before sunrise, or at any time there isn’t sufficient light. It is illegal to drive with only your parking lights on. If you think parking lights are called for, then use headlights. Parking lights are for parking ONLY.
  • Keep your headlights properly adjusted so that the lower beams are not aimed upward.
  • Keep your windshield clean.
  • When you meet an oncoming car, you must lower your headlight beams (dim your lights) within 500 feet of the approaching motorist.
  • Slow down when facing the glare from approaching motorist.
  • Avoid looking directly into the lights of the cars you are meeting. Instead, watch the edge of the roadway on your right.
  • Lower your beams (dim your lights) when following another vehicle within 300 feet. Lower your headlights when you are driving on well-lighted streets.
  • Use your lower beams when driving in a fog and reduce your speed. Driving with bright lights in fog is like shining a light into a mirror: the reflection of the light blinds you.
  • Be sure that you can stop whenever necessary within the distance you can see clearly ahead and watch continually and carefully for pedestrians and animals along the roadside.

According to Guam’s Traffic Violation Bureau’s (TVB) Traffic Fine Schedule

GCA (Guam Code Annotated) Code Description Eff. 01/01/14
3201A Driving w/o headlamps when required $80.00
3201A Two headlamps or Defective lights $40.00
3202A Unlawful use of spot lamps $60.00



Guam Construction Update

Motorists are advised to drive cautiously through the construction zones, observe all posted speed limit and construction signs, and carefully heed flaggers (when present). Alternate routes and/or adjusting drive times when feasible are encouraged.

Atantano Bridge (Temporary Repairs)

Motorists are advised that the southbound shoulder is closed at the Atantano Bridge in Santa Rita.

Route 30 at Trankilo St

Motorists are advised the Route 30 southbound lane is reduced to one lane in preparation for repair work in the area.