Traffic Updates

Traffic Advisory for the Week of January 25-31

January 22, 2021

Road Safety Reminder for the Week


Always signal when turning left or right, changing lanes, slowing down, or stopping. Signaling lets other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians know your intentions. Signals may be given by hand-and-arm positions or using the vehicle’s signal lights. If bright sunlight makes the signal lights hard to see, also use hand-and-arm signals.


  • During the last 100 feet before reaching the turning point (left or right turn).
  • Before every lane change. Check your mirrors, look over your shoulder, and check your blind spot before changing lanes.
  • At least 5 seconds before you change lanes on a freeway.
  • Before pulling next to the curb or away from the curb.
  • When you change directions.
  • Even when you do not see other vehicles. A vehicle you do not see may suddenly appear and hit you.
  • If you plan to turn beyond an intersection. Start signaling when you are in the intersection. If you signal too early, the other driver may think you plan to turn into the intersection, and they may pull out in front of you. Remember to cancel your signal after turning.

According to Guam’s Traffic Violation Bureau’s (TVB) Traffic Fine Schedule

GCA (Guam Code Annotated) Code Description Eff. 01/01/14
3201A Driving Without Headlamps When Required $80.00
3201B Two Headlamps or Defective Lights $40.00
3201D None/Defective Tail/LP Light $40.00
3202A Unlawful Use of Spot Lamps $60.00
3202B Unlawful Use of Red/Blue Lamps/Right/Front Side $80.00