Traffic Updates

Traffic Advisory for the Week of February 15-21

February 12, 2021

Road Safety Reminder for the Week

Use Your Horn

  • Only when necessary, to avoid collisions.
  • To try to get “eye contact” with other drivers. You may tap your horn to alert another driver who might turn in front of you and cause a collision.
  • On narrow mountain roads, where you cannot see at least 200 feet ahead of your vehicle.

Do Not Use Your Horn

  • If a driver or bicyclist is moving slowly, and you want them to drive faster or get out of your way. The driver or bicyclist may not be able to safely go faster due to illness, being lost, intoxication, or mechanical problems with the vehicle.
  • To alert other drivers that they made a mistake. Your honking may cause them to make more mistakes or become angry and retaliate.
  • Because you may be angry or upset.
  • To honk at pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists unless necessary to avoid a collision. Remember that your horn sounds much louder outside a vehicle.

Note: Honking your horn may startle other drivers. It is safer to slow down or stop instead of honking your horn.

According to Guam’s Traffic Violation Bureau’s (TVB) Traffic Fine Schedule

GCA (Guam Code Annotated) Code Description Eff. 01/01/14
3207A Horn (None or Defective) $40.00
3207B Horn (Illegal Use of) $60.00
3207C Siren (Unlawful Use of) $60.00


Guam Construction Update

Atantano Bridge (Temporary Repairs)

Motorists are advised that construction activities continue at the Atantano Bridge in Santa Rita next week. The southbound shoulder will be closed.
Motorists are advised to drive cautiously through the construction area and observe all posted speed limit and construction signs. Alternative routes and/or adjusting drive times when feasible are encouraged.

Route 30 at Trankilo St

During the week of March 1, 2021, the DPW will be restriping the southbound lanes of Route 30 at Trankilo Street. The Route 30 southbound lane will be reduced to one lane in preparation for repair work in the area.