Traffic Updates

Traffic Advisory for the Week of August 31 - September 6

August 28, 2020

Road Safety Reminder for the Week


Pavement markers should indicate to the driver:

  1. Where on the roadway he should be driving.
  2. Where his visibility ahead is limited and passing is restricted.
  3. Where he can expect traffic in the adjacent lane to be going in the opposite direction.
  4. Where he may safely wait for an opportunity to make a left turn.

The COLOR of the lines tells the motorist instantly whether he is on a one-way or two-way road:

  • Yellow lines are used to divide roads with two-way traffic.
  • White lines divide lanes or roadways where the traffic is going in the same direction.

On Guam, small reflective markers are used more than paint to indicate these pavement markings, since paint does not last long.

According to Guam’s Traffic Violation Bureau’s (TVB) Traffic Fine Schedule

GCA (Guam Code Annotated) Code Description Eff. 01/01/14
3310 Driving in Right Hand Lane $80.00
3311 Disobey Roadway Marking $80.00
3314 Improper Lane Usage (Lane Straddling) $80.00


Guam Construction Update

Motorists are reminded to drive cautiously through all construction zones, observe all posted speed limit and construction signs, and carefully heed to flaggers. Alternative routes and/or adjusting drive times when feasible are encouraged.


Harmon Industrial Park Roadway Rehabilitation

Hawaiian Rock Products (HRP) will continue construction activities on Harmon Industrial Park Road. There will be intermittent lane closures at various locations within the project limits between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Route 4 Malojloj Highway - Talofofo Bay (Surfside) to 76 Gas Station

Road improvements will continue along Route 4 Malojloj Highway. There will be intermittent lane closures from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Motorists are advised to drive cautiously, observe all posted traffic signs and carefully heed to flaggers.